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Angry sp-bmc-1 mics cant get satisfactory results with them

I bought a pair of these mics a few months ago and have only used them twice.I havent got what i would call a good recording with them as it seems so bassy and slightly dim sounding.On the sound professionals site the samples with thse mics sound fantastic,but its not what im getting.Also im thinking about using these mics for a concert next week and il possibly be right at the front,and not sure how these mics will cope,even though it wont be a loud show.When i recorded a blues band i was a good few feet back and didnt need to turn my levels up very far ( about 8 out of 30) to get a loud enough recording.If i was to be at the front of the stage itll be a quiet show and there are always people chatting throughout the shows at this venue hence my reason for wanting to be so close.Im guessing my levels will hardly need to be turned up at all if im so close??.Are my recording coming out as they are( not as amzing sounding as the soundprofessionals samples with thses mics) as im not in the right place in the venue,or are my mics not high enough to make it sound clearer??.Has anyone used these mics at a loud rock show or up close at a quiter gig??.
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