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Re: Protocol Encryption - Worth Doing Or Not?

Originally Posted by krokodyle
So apparently the rumor is that even if you're using Encryption, ISPs like Comcast are able to figure it out and act accordingly. So I was wondering if it's worth enabling it or not? Do many people here at TTD have it on? It's my understanding that if you enable it, you are only able to connect to people using the same protocol. And if it's now become easily defeat-able, then what's the point in using it?

Currently, my uTorrent is set for Outgoing: Disabled, and to Allow Incoming Legacy Connections.
Comcast has been sandvining me for 10 months and I have much less trouble with encryption enabled. In fact, as long as there are other encrypted peers in the swarm, I have no troubles. So, I'm not sure what "act accordingly" by Comcast means.

And, if you have it enabled, but allow legacy connections, you won't be restricted to whom you connect. If you connect to others with encryption enabled, you'll have an encrypted connection. Otherwise not.

I have to disagree a bit with Lynne on this. Even if you aren't having trouble, if you enable encryption, you will be able to connect to those peers that are being affected by the Sandvining or other techniques being used by ISP's to discourage bit torrent activity. For example, even if you are not having trouble, I can only seed to you if you enable encryption. If you don't, I can't seed to you.
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