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Re: please help me U2Lynne

Thank you again for your excellent advice on the router direwolf. I got a really nice one. I am very happy with it. It did not fix the problem.

I will not be able to fix this problem, no matter how much time I spend changing numbers and opening ports, or hacking the hardware in my house (which might take months anyway). It's nothing to do with my home, or my computer, or my router.
Don't be stupid like me. Find a functioning internet connection, if you don't have one (like I didn't when we got it), and do some research first. - it's an old thread, but it will give you a perfect idea of what will happen. If you can't get a reverse DNS entry it's fairly fake. We will be taking immediate action to terminate the contract. I could get a better connection pedalling a bicycle to uplink.

I just wanted to post in case this could help keep somebody else from going through this.
Thank you.
Also, thank you Direwolf for all the music. I could only dream of reaching your level.
"Such a perfect day. You made me forget myself. You made me think I was someone else, someone good."
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