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please help me U2Lynne

I am running openSuSE Linux 10.2. I have been over Port Forward in a way I think is fairly thoroughly. I can find only Windows advice. I am at a loss to find anything non-Windows there

I am root. I have Wireshark, and access to all of the information.
I just moved into a new house in a new state. I've never had a problem before.
I can almost always figure out why I am firewalled and fix it, but not this time.
The friends I moved in with are using an ancient Linksys 5 port router, model NH1005 (yeah, old). We are also on Hughes Net, because it's in nowhereville, but it's supposed to be 1000kb/s. I'm getting 45kb/s on http and ftp, and a max of 3kb/s on bittorrent download, with no upload speed at all.

I am using Azureus advanced classic My Azurues ports I handpicked at random, and my SuSE firewall is wide open for them. I do know the router, previously on a hardwired cable modem, could transfer at at least 5mb/s, up and down.

Have you heard about problems with high speed satellite?
Is there a Linux section at port forward I am too slow to find?
(I have been searching it, but it takes like 3 minutes to load a page)
Please help me. This is horrible.
I thought 75kb/s upload was horribly slow, but apparently I was on top of the world.

I tried at opensuse forums, but sometimes they want you to help yourself.
Thank you for your time.
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