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Re: How much quality is lost if I convert DVD to AVI (no compression)

Originally Posted by Salva Veritate
I'm not looking to seed these specific shows here, I'm just curious since I appear to be totally out of luck on *this topic*. I'd like to know exactly what the damage is and if the DVD is still tradeable after re-encoding to AVI and re-syncing the better sound source, then converting it back to DVD using TMPGEnc.
What you're talking about doing is expanding mpeg - that is at best 1/3 the size of the orginal video - and then crunching it back down to the 1/3 size mpeg again.

It really goes without saying - you're going to lose a considerable amount of quality.

I can help you out, but not with all of them - I have too many projects in the hopper. If you want to send one or two of them to me, I'll reauthor it with the alternate audio, and I won't re-encode the video.

PM me if interested.

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