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In Re: Derek & The Dominos In Concert

Since compilations, in and of themselves, of copyrighted songs are protected by copyright due to the originality of the compilation; here's the $64,000 question to the moderators herein by a humble attorney/Clapton fan:

Would the undersigned be permitted by the moderators to post a (unique) compilation of the two releases of Derek & The Dominos at the Filmore; i.e. "In Concert" and "At The Filmore?"

Reason for question:

The alternate versions offered on the re-release pale in comparison to the (now unavailable) versions originally released in 1973 on the "In Concert" set.

E.g. "Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad" from "In Concert" is perhaps one of the best live rock tunes ever recorded; whereas the alternate version offered in the "Live at the Filmore" release sounds like the band is out of synch and uninspired.

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