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Helping people seed

Newbie here.
Bought an external hard drive Western Digital My Book 500GB recently.
Download shows then move them over to the hard drive just fine.
Started renaming the file folder for example "4.17.84 Canada VH" to "Van Halen 4-17-84 Toronto, Can" so that all my shows are alligned in alphebetical order and easy to locate ("Van Halen 3-30-84 New York, NY" will be right next to it).

My question: Will changing the name of it cause problems if I try to help seed a torrent in the future. For example, if someone pm'ed me that there are no seeders on 4/17/84 and I wanted to move the show from the external hard drive back to the internal hard drive to seeded it, would it still work though I changed the name of the file (just the main title, not any of the internal file info)?

Also, I have never done this. How do you jump on and help seed? Move it from the external drive to the internal and back into my Azureus download file?

This is a great site.
Any help for a newbie and non-computer expert would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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