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Re: organization/archiving methods (dvd, db, etc).

Glad to be of help from my end. Give the shareware version of WII a try and play with the settings/options.
When you first install it (going by memory now from a while back when I last changed it to a different computer) I think you'll have to tell it that you want it to import the details on any "*.info, *.nfo, and *.txt" files (you do no data entry). That's under "Options>Description Settings>Generic Text File Descriptions."
Also choose the import size of the thumbnailed images (coverart) if you want that option. I have it import the cover art for my DVD's but not audio shows just because it would make the list huge for someone trying to download a webpage with it.
By the way, when at the WII website, check out the listings of the plugins (or plugins with the program itself) in the download section.
The program can use a plugin to query info for audio CD's "and' if you use it also for your commercial movie DVD collection it can also download from the IMDB website for movie details.
If you have any questions on set-up options just send me a side message and I can let you know how I have things set on mine. I have mine set so that when I import a DVD of shows I don't have to do anything but push the disc in, enter a disc name and press the OK button.....WII even ejects the disc for me to put the next one in.
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