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Re: organization/archiving methods (dvd, db, etc).

Well, I'm sure there are better ways, but I just try to fill a data dvd as close to full as possible, hopefully all shows by the same artist but if not no biggie. I then print a label for the disc importing the file names and assign a number to the disc (sequentially works good ).

I then delete all of the flac/shn files and just keep the rest which are small enough files, add the archive dvd number to the end of the file name so I can find it easily, cut and paste the file that still contains md5, text, ffp and maybe artwork to a directory where I keep all previous boots so I know in a flash if I already downed a show or not. If I need to I still have the md5/ffp on the hard drive to see if a show is the same version that I already have.
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