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Re: new and want to post a torrent but got a question

ok two things:

1) it's minidisc, which, by definition, is lossy (ATRAC compression) - BUT, in this case, since the original source IS the minidisc, it would be allowed here (at least, it has been in the past)

MD compression can be harder to spot, as it will look a bit like MP3 compression when you view. Five is good at sorting that out.

2) quote: Sound professionals SP-SPSB-7 battery box with bass rolloff@195Hz

I assume that means a high-pass filter? That's pretty high to roll off bass response... does it sound like it is missing low-end?

Anyway, I think your torrent would be fine, but I can't be sure without looking at the audio to be sure.

A mod might want to chime in about the MD-as-source thing. It's probably OK.
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