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Re: new and want to post a torrent but got a question


Thanks for the quick response!

Here is the nfo file, it comes from the original taper from what I can tell.

Madison Square Garden
October 9, 2003

Taper: xxxxx (
Location: Section 301
Source: Sharp DR-7 line in(minidisc recorder)>Sound professionals SP-SPSB-7 battery box with bass rolloff@195Hz>
Sound professionals SP-CMC-4 stereo cardioid mics (unidirectional) held about 5' up aimed directly at stage.
Conversion: Sony MXD-D5C deck RCA out>Audigy 2 line in>cd wave>Adobe Audition (amplified +5db)>mkw 0.97 Beta 1>SHN>flac frontend

***********DO NOT ENCODE TO MP3********************


Disc One:

01 intro
02 2+2=5
03 sit down. stand up
04 where i end and you begin
05 kid a
06 backdrifts
07 morning bell
08 my iron lung
09 i might be wrong
10 lurgee
11 sail to the moon
12 paranoid android
13 a punchup at a wedding
14 go to sleep
15 the gloaming
16 idioteque
17 fake plastic trees

Disc Two:

18 there there

Encore #1:
19 you and whose army?
20 national anthem
21 a wolf at the door
22 how to disappear completely

Encore #2:
23 karma police
24 true love waits (thom solo)
25 everything in its right place


Lots of crowd noise in some parts.

Recording issues:

CD1 T02: mic noise between :45-:50
CD1 T12: sound is muffled and some mic noise as security hovered right near me looking for a pot smoker (figures).
CD1 T13: Abrupt start as unit was bumped causing it to pause. Slight gap between track 12 and 13 due to this pause.
CD1 T15: mic noise at end of track (last few seconds)
CD1 T17: mic noise between :45-:50
CD2 T01: Abrupt start due to MD "flip," missed first few seconds.

Compiled on 2003-10-09 by gloco

Converted to flac by gloco on Nov 4, 2006

radiohead2003-10-09 D1T01 Intro.flac:54b0c3cebbae79eab52980aceb3c9d81
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T02 2+2=5.flac:b85faf9c346c3378e8c706780a8d9763
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T03 sit down. stand up.flac:ddab99a970f7a906b5619650d265d9a1
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T04 where i end and you begin.flac:72c24410403f753c7a0fa984430fffac
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T05 kid a.flac:af2c28a4e54258b41aa51887222d3c11
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T06 backdrifts.flac:c7547f074db2901786dc1d6402d3d804
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T07 morning bell.flac:b2d9649372dd4cf53379e4e91dc46305
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T08 my iron lung.flac:ec498df0cef99deb3e9a260e67424b5b
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T09 i might be wrong.flac:d5af0de6635def49931af4ad6c013b99
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T10 lurgee.flac:a5be98e3533a0040927609f21a95ba37
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T11 sail to the moon.flac:84e3126fefa7fdaac3b2a0b3ce0d2bb2
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T12 paranoid android.flac:a19674d46be954e4f0e2598a5b5086f2
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T13 a punchup at a wedding.flac:a5588e6186882bdcf4bc4f578940950d
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T14 go to sleep.flac:e422d44f9ce402719f2c7be3f926a4ce
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T15 the gloaming.flac:5dc8089f4957152261a1bc75c3753d28
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T16 idioteque.flac:d72cfec5696f33829399660532dcf9d1
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T17 fake plastic trees.flac:6374ca1a05974ad3649b571b69fdd48f
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T01 there there.flac:86e9d2523c4b1a8555765fb2feec2be4
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T02 you and whose army.flac:b17c74c518a5f9d28a6a120a7410208e
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T03 national anthem.flac:9ec4ac53aa0f740ea2645ab955f48514
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T04 a wolf at the door.flac:175bee67b4b8ba8fd54de515bae3f4e5
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T05 how to disappear completely.flac:139b177c4b9eb49c291b6dc4ea9dddea
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T06 karma police.flac:fe0e74d365c97d0db4034b46344f689f
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T07 true love waits (thom solo).flac:134caf5d0b57883051665ea76ab9f9ff
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T08 everything in its right place.flac:a0745e0111c61d92eae671c70dc1291c

edit: took out tapers info in case of privacy issues, don't know and don't want to offend!
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