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Re: 24 bit question

I updated to Nero Ultra and couldn't find any options on the menus or in Nero Burning Rom for authoring and burning DVD-Audio. Maybe you are talking about authoring an audio only DVD-Video disc with Nero Vision, jcrab66? I couldn't figure out how to do even that from a 24/96 .wav. I couldn't find any info on the Nero site about DVD-A authoring and burning. How long has Nero been able to do this, because this site: which was updated in July 2006, doesn't say anything about Nero being able to author and burn DVD-Audio.

ONES is much better for burning DVD-Video anyway, because it doesn't occasionally alter files like Nero does. I burned a few dual layer DVD-Videos, and on some discs Nero altered the .bup and .ifo files, and all the menu functions didn't work properly. I couldn't access some bonus material.
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