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Re: Trader's Little Helper

Originally Posted by roann View Post
All these decoding / encoding / fixing / testing / checksumming programs, for every file type and task another one, plus those annoying command line parameters ... So I wrote a Windows tool/frontend I called Trader's Little Helper. It was not written to be the perfect "all in one wonder" but to handle the most important tasks.

Development isn't finished yet (version 0.8.0), but there are a lot of things this tool already has to offer:

- verify & create checksum files (md5 signature, flac fp, md5 fp)
- test flac and ape files
- decode ape, flac, shn files
- list file details (looking for sector boundary errors)

Features to come in the next versions:
- encode wav files to ape, flac, shn
- fix sector boundary errors
- integration via context menu in windows explorer
- drag & drop functionality
- ???

It would be perfect if Trader's Little Helper could decode mkw files too. Unfortunately I didn't found any information about this file format, and the author of mkw/mkwACT can't be contacted (mkwACT homepage is down, email address doesn't work any more). So if you have any information about mkw, please contact me.

I've decided to make my prog public. You can download it here:

Any feedback is appreciated! If there are some good icons out there (for the application itself or those md5, ffp, st5 checksum files) please let me know.

I just found this page and post...i want to say thank you for this awesome little program.
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