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Re: Trader's Little Helper

Originally Posted by roann View Post
Glad it works, though basically it's not a good idea to install a program to C:. Anyway, it seems to be a problem with the TLH installer that isn't really able to handle this properly. I'll try to fix the installer with the next TLH release.
Not to be a nit-picker, but how about spelling "occurred" right on the next release.....?

st5 fingerprints:

9a5b9b2a9bcac4a68a2b71341ccfa8c3 [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2901.flac
7d9173be22aeba7010e8d7cef0edb9ea [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2902.flac
26ce23b8129af52c2cc585333ef425d8 [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2903.flac
f23103b64389201e889878292044ef33 [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2904.flac
426edb4ea816d2439c7033d945e41ac6 [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2905.flac
e0d9cf2c3c622f2f57d114d2bc51528d [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2906.flac
3a072f987cc650f54a7b8e13b92689ca [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2907.flac
89a1f8639a2fa8b7e72f997d841a2397 [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2908.flac
7bb0258c9733ab0fa473501c174ef5fb [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2909.flac
8fca9cead715eda7919c5b9e88c511df [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2910.flac
31d96806099d93ae47d6e25750e45467 [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2911.flac
db3d9f38507ee5dd82f67f65117eed03 [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2912.flac
e3aedc5c8e144a4b7d66c9f540f8f406 [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2913.flac
7b677e8cab97067c721e85f8473044e2 [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2914.flac
247d4164555211c1d685c638eeae736e [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2915.flac
f3329418b52d43909e7926f777653ac6 [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2916.flac
6962620c30e790209d9d2dfcf87ee2c3 [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2917.flac
da8d4845805cf08d35fd22956b7ef835 [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2918.flac
513ef4182ed40a33827a8bdf73652de5 [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2919.flac
a84f7ff80a5f4b6f3b15f5f26806dacc [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2920.flac
8a0c561723b0e585785db516a885ec4d [shntool] lfwfmt 2016-02-2921.flac

No errors occured
My work is done here. I will no longer be posting, commenting, or anything. I will check in now and then, but for the most part, I'm done.

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People suck. I'd rather look at memes and gifs of people doing stupid shit that confirms my misanthropic views than actually deal with their shit face to face.
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