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Re: Ban Unknown Analog Lineage and Remasters!

Originally Posted by jameskg
Spider_Web, you missed the bazillion post thread about this show and the subsequent bullshit that went on with a public payoff for a trade of a tape that was subsequently chewed up... it was a huge debacle and I promise you it's not worth your time.

Does all that negative karma have to reinfect TTD now?
James: you are right, I missed it. I hate negative crap as well. I never taped a show in the 70's, and the folks that did were pioneers. I taped my first show in the 80's, and got addicted quick. 200+ masters on Sony D3, D6, and DAT with mics varying from Sony tie clips to Microtech Gefells, and I've sort of hung it up now. We all get older, and see priorities change. For me, it's now family and sharing/converting a pretty extensive archival collection that I worked hard to amass. I also lost my best friend and taping partner Matthew Pickett (RIP Buddy!) in the Warwick nightclub fire, he was taping Great White near the stage and didn't make it out. Puts things in persepective.

Anyway, if anybody including Freezer is interested in who I have dealt with over the last 20 years in regards to my Led Zep collection, PM me. I don't claim to have "the best"; but my collection is legit as far and lineage and I do have some good shit. I've traded with most all the big collectors over the years from Japan, Europe and the States, some of the people have written the Zep fanzines, written books, etc....

I don't bullshit and I don't lie.

BTW: Thanks for the Coverdale/Page Osaka DVD, nice job!