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Re: Do you play/check your discs after burning them?

^indeed, the addiction factor is high. I've gotten about 700-800 shows in a matter of only about 7 months total. Just lots and lots of d/ing, more than you can keep up with burning on a steady basis. As you see in my sig, I still have a few hundred to burn and catalogue hah. They're sitting on my HD and an external HD too. It's bad but eh, what can you do. And if I have ones that I dislike or won't listen to in the end I just plan on doing a big trade for blanks at some point.

But I agree with the whole, why d/l and not listen to them thing. That's just crazy. Granted, I can't keep up with the listening to the amount of stuff I d/l, but hell, I have years
Check out my shows list (as of 11/11/07, still a couple hundred shows to add. So my list is incomplete, but I'm up for limited trades. If you're interested in something, let me know):
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