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Re: The Real Beatles

You could call some Audiophile shops in the Bay Area and see if they can do a 24bit/96kHz (or even 24/192) transfer to .wav > FLAC > burn to DVD+R for a small fee. I wouldn't bother with a 16 bit transfer, it's so 1983. Then you could burn a DVD-Audio or DVD-Video (not @ 24/192 though) disc and play back on your DVD player so you're not wearing out the vinyl. You could always make CD copies of the 24 bit files by downsampling and dithering with Soundforge or r8brain (free). Then in 5 or 10 years when 48 or 64 bit A/D converters are introduced to the market, you can transfer the vinyl again. Check out this site for info on 24 bit:
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