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Re: Question re DVD uploads from discs made with standalone DVD recorder

we don't require properly chaptered/menued shows, but most folks prefer them nowadays...depending on what format the "originals" are in [VHS, DVR, etc] you might have someone properly transfer them for you [especially if they're VHS and you don't hav access to a pro SVHS deck]...or, you could transfer to DVDR with yer SA and send the disc to someone to demux/author properly with menus and chapters

one downside to SA recorders is that alot of em won't allow you to adjust the bit rate it encodes at [and sets them too low / too much compression]...others alow you to adjust the bit rates, the higher the better while still fitting on a should look into that with yer models and use the one that'll allow ya to manually adjust

once captured/burned, you can find out what a DVDs frame rates and specs are by using one of the recommended progs in our FAQ:
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