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Standalone DVD/CDR Duplicator

I was at a friend's house a few weeks ago and he had a standalone ACARD DVD Duplicator with trays for 3 simultaneous copies. It preserves the menu and appears to be making exact clones. My computer is dying and suddenly starting spitting out bad burns Friday that are all skippy toward the end and the hard drive is making a constant clicky sound. I am at my dad's now to start ordering stuff to build a new computer which will likely take weeks or months at our current pace.

I am thinking of just buying one of these duplicators to hold me over until then. I only need a 1 to 1. Can anyone here recommend any specific models or does anyone know of any drawbacks to using one of these units?

I brought my workload with me to my dad's but using DVD Decrypter, his burner is only extracting at 0.5% and at this rate there is no way I will finish this weekend.

Thanks for any help!
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