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Unhappy Re: can't add attachment torrent file

Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post
Is there no message above where it says "Type of Show"? I do see a torrent on the tracker from you. Let me delete it and then maybe you can try again. Actually, you had the torrent up there twice. You may want to make a new torrent file after modifying the text file slightly and then it will get a different hash.

Oh, edit to add: Did you have a huge text file? Sometimes that will do what you are talking about - take you back to that screen with no error message. If you think it may be a large text file, just put a little bit of text in the text and/or fingerprints box and hit submit and then go back and edit the post after it submits. isn't a large text file...i had the character '+' in the file names and torrent name and thought that might be a problem but renamed and rebuilt the torrent and having the same problem...just in case the text was too long i shortened it to almost nothing...same issue...

well, maybe fresh eyes and a fresh try will work. i'll have another go tomorrow...if you think of anything else I could try, please let me know...i'll start with an entirely new show tomorrow and see if I have luck.
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