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Comcast IP Problems

Hi -

I am running through a Linksys BEFw11S4 v.2 router, and use Azureus as my torrent program. I had my port forwarding all set up with no problems, and was not receiving NAT errors.

In the last month, Comcast sent out letters through email and snail mail stating that they were making changes to their service, and that any users who had their systems set up to use a static ip address had to change to a dynamic ip address or they would not be able to connect to the internet anymore. I made the change as they recomended, but this has made it seemingly impossible to get my ports forwarded correctly.

All was fine before, but all directions I can find make it clear that you must be set up with a static ip address to forward ports. Comcast forced me to switch to dynamic. Now I receive NAT errors no matter what I do.

Can anyone help me out? I am suprised that nobody else has mentioned this, there must be many others out there with the same problem.

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