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Re: Is this mp3?

Originally Posted by RainDawg
Holy shit Five....are those plots taken with EAC at the top of the page the same audio as the ones taken with analfreq at the bottom? The analfreq one is telling me, without a doubt, that this is mp3. The EAC one looks totally different.

I am stunned right now. I'll make sure to recommend people never use EAC for frequnecy analysis ever again if these two plots came from the same audio file! I always use and recommend analfreq anyway, but it looks like people will need to hold onto their old freeware versions.
Thanks again Five and everyone for taking a look at this. Fortunately I have a friend who has this show on 2nd gen cassette. I think I'll bug him for a copy and redo this transfer.

Looks like I'll stick to analfreq and Adobe Audition from here on out.
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