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Re: Remaster Category and No More Names!

Originally Posted by Chaosu View Post
But also tip for newbies how to improve their recording would be useful (see remaster forum idea). There are way too few sound engineers willing to master thousands of new recordings. Still, some basic filters with a guide how (not)to use them can improve raw material.
no. average joe & some audio software is exactly the problem at hand.
there are only a handful of REAL audio engineers - and thats just the way life is.
leave altering live shows to them - the rest of us should keep our tweaked shows out of the trading pool.

Originally Posted by pawel View Post
There is an idiot at Dime - Gardener who "remastered" many shows, also already remastered. Seems that all s/he uses is amplification of low and high frequencies like by loudness filter on an amplifier, and probably sometimes he adds also a reverb to make the recording to be more "spatial". If I see his crap here, I'll use my mod privileges to pull his shit immediately
does his profile look like this:]

Total number of torrents uploaded: 25
The Who 1975-12-14 Springfield Massacre! Convention Center, Springfield, MA Remastered w/artwork (FLAC) - 09-21-08 ACTIVE
The Who 1971-12-09 Falling on the Floor With Power Chords! LA Forum, Inglewood, CA Pitch corrected/remastered w/artwork (FLAC) - 08-29-08 ACTIVE
The Who - Charlton Athletic Football Club, London, Uk 05-31-76 Remastered (FLAC) - 08-06-08 ACTIVE
The Ramones - CBGB, New York City, NY 06-10-77 (Both sets) Remastered (FLAC) - 07-29-08 ACTIVE
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Paradise Theatre, Boston, MA 12-09-77 (Early Show) Remastered (FLAC) - 07-27-08 ACTIVE
The Who - New Bingley Hall, Stafford, UK 1975-10-03 Remastered (FLAC) - 07-18-08 ACTIVE
Sly & The Family Stone - Woodstock Music & Art Fair, Bethel, NY 08-16-69 Remastered w/artwork (FLAC) - 07-13-08 ACTIVE
Nirvana - Nighttown, Rotterdam, NL 11-01-89 REMASTERED SBD - 02-07-08
The Kinks - Winterland, CA 1977-02-19 REMASTERED PREFM W/SAMPLES (FLAC) - 05-19-07
Humble Pie - Reseda, CA 1981-xx-xx & Philadelphia, PA 1973-xx-xx Remastered w/mp3 Samples (FLAC) - 05-01-07
The Velvet Underground - Norman Dolph Acetate, Scepter Studios, New York City, NY 04-xx-66 REMASTERED MONO STU (FLAC) - 12-22-06
The Clash - White Men In Hammersmith Odeon , Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 12-27-79 (FLAC) REMASTERED AUD - 11-22-06 ACTIVE
The Who - Cry Blue Murder Remastered, Oklahoma City, OK 08-24-68 & Dallas, TX 07-23-67 (FLAC) - 11-19-06
The Who 1969-10-22 Accept No Substitute Remastered, Fillmore East, New York, NY (FLAC) - 11-07-06
The Who 1970-06-19 Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX REMASTERED AUD RESEED (FLAC) - 11-03-06
Jethro Tull 1970-05-01 Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA REMASTERED AUD (FLAC) - 11-03-06
The Who 1979-12-03 Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinatti, OH REMASTERED (FLAC) - 11-02-06
The Who 1972-09-14 Rome Palasport REMASTERED (FLAC) - 10-18-06
The Who 1971-08-18 Chicago, IL REMASTERED 2CD AUD (FLAC) - 10-14-06
The Who 1970-06-07 Tommy Live At The Metropolitan Opera House REMASTERED (FLAC) - 10-10-06
The Who 1975-11-07 Boris The Spider REMASTERED, Ludwigshafen, Germany 2CD AUD (FLAC) - 09-28-06
The Who 1970-09-21 Aarhus, Denmark 2CD EXCELLENT AUD REMASTERED (FLAC) - 09-22-06
The Who 1968-08-10 Live At The Jaguar Club, St. Charles, IL REMASTERED AUD (FLAC) - 09-19-06
The Who 1974-05-18 Live At Charlton 1974 Complete REMASTERED (FLAC) - 09-12-06 ACTIVE
The Who xxxx-xx-xx Cry Blue Murder REMASTERED (FLAC) - 06-07-06
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