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Re: Remaster Category and No More Names!

so some types of normalization are ok, while others suck. how am i to tell which type of normalization is good presently, im using roxio 9 to cut tracks, and increase the volume if necessary. you can do normalization from 1x to 10x. 10x is way to much, but doing a 1-3x seems to make some recordings a little better. for the record, i use sony mdr 7506 professional headphones when doing anything w/ my recordings.

remastering old recordings should be left to people w/ the knowledge. but, new people can acquire this knowledge. helping them out would be a good thing. the new category only makes sense.

while we are at it, how about a category for the versions combining multiple sources. ive heard some terrible jobs. im not talking about patching sources for one complete version, but those "matrix" versions. usually they are complete rubbish
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