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Re: How to verify a dvd is exact after it is burned

Originally Posted by Chaosu View Post
Originally Posted by js1516 View Post
I've been burning my DVD's withe EXTRAS_TS folder and I haven't had a problem with it.

Question: I burn Dvd's with IMGBurn and when its done burning it cycles the tray and then verifies the disc. Is this the same thing or something different, if this is different then what is it actually verifying?
Same question here, if I'm verifying data after burning and its 100% ok isn't it enough?
no not enough. i've been using nero and using data verification after the burning some dual layers. a certain number of files have failed the md5 checksum on the disc even when nero said it was verified. the md5 check is a sure way to tell which files were corrupted during the burn.

as for the extra_TS file, all good, as long as you can run the md5 checksum on disc after it is burned. i say to hell with that folder and just put them and any other files you want to keep on the archive outside the video_TS and audio_TS folder. im talking, generating the checksum so all you have to do is double click it to scan the disc once it is burned. If you have to drag and drop the md5 in to the Video_TS folder, you are doing it wrong. Or make one md5 for a whole a 2-3 disc file set. Once the disc is burned the information is permanent and you can not drag and drop the md5. Just make a different md5 for each disc so you can check them all individually as they get burned.

For the majority of the stuff i've downloaded here, most people do not generate their md5's to work in this format. They only work when you have the files onto the hard drive and you can do a little bit of manipulating to have it work.
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