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Re: How to verify a dvd is exact after it is burned

Originally Posted by madpicken View Post
People should burn md5 checksums with the dvd video files in order to make sure that the discs they burn and trade are exact copies. Files get corrupted during the burning process, especially with dual layer discs. People who extract their discs using dvd shrink also recode the disc and deviate the files from the original copy.

In order to allow a checksum scan on the disc after it is copied, you must generate the md5 in such a way that it is housed around the Video_TS folder. By generating a md5 of the Video_TS folder, you cannot run a scan on the disc. You should generate the file of the folder that houses the video_TS folder (ie disc 1). But do it prior to adding the Audio_TS or text documents because we are only concerned with the contents in the Video_TS folder.

When you burn the disc, make sure you put the md5 (and/or text and dvd covers) outside of the directory of the Video_TS and Audio_TS folder. This way you can still play the dvd video on any dvd player, since the player is only concerned with looking at the Video_TS folder. Any files outside those 2 directories are strictly data. Run the scan after you burn the disc and it will let you know whether or not you have an exact disc. I used to use Nero to verify data being burned and found it to be highly unreliable. MD5 checksums are the best way to verify.

I understand this is an extra step. But it is an effort to keep from polluting the trading pool with deviant copies. Those who want to keep exact copies of the original should adopt this method and keep all original md5, text files, and or dvd covers with the dvd's that they seed and trade.
Excellent advice madpicken. Thank you for sharing it with the community in such a thorough manner!
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