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Re: Bad Media?!

here's my opinion on this [but i'm a bit of a snob when it comes to this ] --also *everyone* has a different opinion on this one, so keep that in mind...

==> use Taiyo Yuden's for trading...they are the creme-de-creme of media, and have been for years...people complain about price, but you can get them for fairly cheap when buying in bulk [25cents for cdr, 35-40cents dvdr]...i personally feel that longevity/quality/ etc are VERY important when archiving music for future collectors/traders, and these discs are the *only* disc *everyone* will be happy with.

Ritek's are okay [i use them for personal work stuff all the time] but for trading i'd recommend against can get coasters from time to time, and disc-life is still a bit questionable with these...time will tell i guess

re: Maxell, Verbatim, Sony, Fuji, TDK, etc...some people love em, some don't...all depends on yer setup--plus many folks don't update firmware for their hardware, which can lead to problems with media as well...

i feel like the longer a person's into trading, the more they'll see that using TY/high-end media is important, even if it costs em a little more...its also respectful of the artists/tapers, as it lessens the chances of errors entering into the trading pool on a recording, which both have worked hard to it makes the snobs happy, and isn't that what tradings all about
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