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Re: Bad Media?!

kinda on the same topic here....

just bought yet another DVD burner and it's been a while since I was in the loop as far as the best media. Back when I was a snailmail king I used exclusivly maxell, fuji, or verbatium. To this day I haven't had one that I had burned on one of the above media go bad....

so, heres my question for all you Guru's... are the above mentioned disc's still the bomb, or is there a newer, tested (possibly cheaper), and verified media out there?

I see ritek mentioned a few times, and I'm seeing it a lot more than I'm used to in the stores too. But has anyone had these for a long period of time and can verify they still play like the day they were burned (ie...6 months - year) ?

Thanks for any replys... and sorry for the long mini book there (I'm kinda known for them )
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