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It wasn't even a trade I made, I just gave him some miniDV tapes under the impression that he would return them.... on 4-24-06 the tapes where ready to be returned to me but I have yet to see anything but a few e-mails.

Every time I would email him he would say sorry and tell me he was sending the tapes, or they were almost ready, or his PC crashed and he needed to rip them again... whatever the excuse, all I've gotten is bullsh!t.

The last communication I recieved from him was on 10-25-06 and he asked my address "because he forgot it" and was going to send the tapes to me.

on 11-19-06 I emailed him again saying I didn't get anything.

So its been nearly 3 months since I've last heard from this guy.

I still have his address and at some point during the Summer/fall he put a picture online associated with his Gmail account so now I probably even know what this fool looks like.

Tapes aren't the cheapest and I paid for the shipping both ways in return for the service that was supposed to be provided so I got about $50 tied up in this and have nothing currently to show for it....
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