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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by freezer View Post

That's only your opinion.

So what did you personally record and release? (just askin')

And for the record, I think that people with entitlement issues can chow down on dead dog dicks, in public, on Fridays during rush hour during the Xmas season.
I have taped nothing. For awhile I was mastering shows and seeded them for a couple of tapers, back when bit torrent didn't have a fancy gui with all the bells and whistles.

And if you want to hoard, it is your prerogative, and as a Taper you don't owe anyone anything. I am not part of that school of thought. I am more referring to the people that brag about what they have and can't/won't trade. Definitely some sort of 'Look what I have and you don't' mentality that I didn't get or like in grade school either.

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