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MP3 or MiniDisc?

I received this Joe Jackson show in a CDR trade with a dude from Germany over a decade ago. A couple of the discs proved to be things that still have not popped up on these sites (I upped the Pre-FM Joe Jackson from the Old Waldorf 79 that I got in that trade). This show from The Beacon Theatre in New York 2001 is an audience recording, and I have never analyzed one of those before. Looking at it, to me it is clearly lossy, however, the frequency drop off is not as sharp as I would expect from an MP3. I know that, at that time, minidisc was a frequently used, but imperfect, device for capturing audio. From the Spectrogram and Frequency Analysis below, would you say that this is lossy because of MP3 in the lineage, or because it was recorded on a device that compressed it at the start? Is there even a way to tell?

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