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Lightbulb Re: CD burning weirdness

Thanks for the info: I was beginning to wonder whether I had serious issues understanding gapless CD burning

I turned several otherwise good CD-Rs (several diff. brands) into coasters/frisbees and this after reading several tutorials, trying several different burning programs, and double/triple/quintiple/etc. checking all settings to ensure DAO ...

... to make a long story short, my latest 'frisbee' was created using CDBurnerXP, ensuring DAO was selected, and burning at only 4x. Result? Audio CD player takes incredibly long to 'think about' the CD after insertion, several seconds of the first track were missing at 0:27 (no break: just GONE!) and there were 20 seconds of dead air tacked onto the end of track 1 that don't exist in the .wav or the .flac

I came here looking for help, found this thread and now think the culprit may be my Windows Vista 64! Burrrn would not even write to CD, claiming errors occurred. Thank goodness I have a notebook with a writer and XP instead of Vista on it: I'll try transferring the files, burning from it, and letting you know what happens.

Peace out,

- Arctic
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