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CD burning weirdness

I've been making some discs for a local dude, and been having a lot of trouble with them, problems I've never seen before, and I've been doing this a while. Here's the text of his latest message:

Scott: Hi again. Hope you got the package I left for you. Thanks
again for the B&P. I really do appreciate it. Question on 3 of the
shows---Neil Young 9/1/87, Roger Waters 8/19/87, and King Crimson
These all play but really strange. When it goes to track #2 on each
disc, instead of the time going to 0 and counting up from there, it
goes to 99 minutes and starts to count down. Track #2 is all the songs
until the end of the disc, one big long track. When it gets to the end it
repeats the last few seconds over and over again until the disc runs
out. I'm just wondering if your copies of these 3 turned out the same way?
Weren't these the shows transferred from tape?? Let me know when you
Thanks again!!

I burned them using Feurio in a Vista environment and never had any problems before. I don't know yet if all the discs had that problem or just a couple. Any ideas? Like I said, I'm not a novice.
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