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Re: Quick questions about lineage

Thanks for the relies.

Originally Posted by ssamadhi97
Audition's owned by Adobe, not Sony.
I knew that . I was thinking of Sound Forge and Sony came out instead of Adobe

I've had CoolEdit, EAC, and Goldwave for the longest time. I'm not very proficient with them, but I never really needed them for anything but the most basic tasks (cut/copy/paste, and minor volume adjustments). I plan installing EAC, Audition, Audacity (for those extra features, "just in case"), and whatever torrent creating program (gotta look that one up). I'd like to be able to help out additionally by doing what Fatoldpig did for the Tull torrent, if need be. I don't have much to share, so any other way I can help, I'd like to try. I've already downloaded (or had) the tools from the FAQ, so it's just a matter of installing and learning them when I get the time (read that as, "I'll be back with more questions ")

Thanks again for the replies. They were most helpful.
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