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Re: Quick questions about lineage

Good eye

EAC>Cooledit>flac implies EAC>WAV>Cooledit>flac since EAC can't interface directly with Cooledit. You also reminded me to pm the seeder to ask if he has any information about the generation of the reel, DAT and/or CDR.

Coolpro/audition can only read FLAC directly with the appropriate filter available here, among other places. the filter goes in the coolpro2/audition main folder with the other .flt files (take it out of the .zip).

.wav editors are mainly a matter of personal preference, as you suspected. Coolpro and audition are almost identical at this time, and have a few advantages over Audacity (such as realtime effects previewing). Audacity also has a few very nice tools that aren't available in coolpro/audition. Some ppl like wavelab, goldwave, cubase et al... mainly the way they work is slightly different, the overall quality of the final product is mainly up to how ppl use them, not so much which program they used.
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