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Quick questions about lineage

This is from the Tull thread that recently opened, but I guess my question would apply to any lineage.
audience>unknown transfer>reel>DAT>CDR>EAC>Cooledit>flac>you

Where is says "EAC>Cooledit>flac", does that mean that EAC sent the info directly to Cooledit or is it implied that it was first saved as WAV then opened in Cooledit? Also, it's been a while since I've used Cooledit. Does it natively support FLAC or do I need to install the FLAC codec?

One last question, and I suspect it's a matter of personal preference, but what's the prefered program - Cooledit, Sony's Audition, or Audacity? I know Audition used to be Cooledit, but is the older Cooledit prefered to Audition for any other reason besides price (or lack of)? No need to go into lots of detail as to why one is prefered over another. Just a quick, short and sweet answer, if possible, will suffice.

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