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Re: Splitting 16/48 tracks?

Originally Posted by Limulus View Post
my advice for DAT tapes or any digital media:

always do "unedited" digital 1:1 clones on harddisc and save them like that (unedited) multiple times (on data dvdr, harddiscs etc.). this way you're always goin to have the chance in the future to re-do the original recording of you. like DVD-Audio, CDR, whatever.

as for myself i prefer to create 16bit/44.1khz FLACs wthout SBEs from any audio recording in any bitrate i'm doing....for verifying the show and listening pleasure on CDR or mobile audio devices.
as for DAT 16/48 and downconverting to 16/44.1khz highest ears fail to hear a difference (and my ears are still good!!).
Very good advice. The unedited clone option wasn't available to me until I got my Delta DIO2496 card in '03, that's one of the reasons I'm thinking of doing my earlier tapes over again. As for CDR, I can't remember the last time I burned a CDR for myself, but certainly understand what you mean. And I know there's no way I could hear a difference between 44.1 and 48, but my ears have been exposed to auto factories and rock and roll concerts for decades. I'm just thinking it's best to do it at as high quality as possible, on principle, even if I don't benefit from it personally.

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