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Re: New audio torrent rule, no remasters unless by specific permission

if a taper wants to do some sorta post- work on his/her own recording then by all means, thats their prerogative...personally, i usually seed my recordings raw, and then possibly seed out a "mastered version" down the line, if/when i decide to dedicate the time to do any post work to it [clearly labeled as such]...i encourage other tapers to do the same, but its really up to them whether to seed out raw transfers or not

this rule is more to keep this new wave of hurbs now involved in the hobby who *think* they know what they're doing cuz they got a copy Cool Edit or Pro Tools LE or whatever, read some stuff on the interwebs, can push a few buttons, and all of a sudden they're an audio you'd expect:

1. 99.9999% of em aren't tapers
2. they have absolutely no real knowledge of audio post production, nor the proper tools to do a proper job
3. they d/l the shows from here or whatever tracker, and 2 days later re-up their "remaster"
4. they almost never include any of the details of what they did in post, other than "it sounds way better now brah"
5. they almost never include the original tapers info, but always plaster their own name all over it like Donald Trump on a casino

despite their usual delusions of grandeur, that shit just muddies up trading pool and isn't welcome here any longer

also, you'll note we will make some exceptions on a case by case basis [think folks like the Harvested team or certain other individuals who are well known to be audio professionals and know what they're doing ]
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