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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by toys View Post
once AGAIN would like to hear what others have to say.

I said my piece in the poll thread, but I'll add this here: why do so many people want to 'FIX' the Lounge? There are other 'social' forums on the site that are much more civil - why not just hang out there? Right now it seems that most of the cretins hang in the Lounge. Why not just leave them there and avoid them? I seriously doubt you'll rehabilitate them with more rules or stricter enforcement, and I for one like having them in one place that I can avoid. I'd hate to see them spread to other areas.

If you like the 'banter' in The Lounge, then deal with the resultant flack. If not, go somewhere else and make THAT forum more enjoyable, and active. It should be much easier to prevent poor behavior starting up in The Piano Bar, for example, than to undo the bad habits ingrained in the denizens of The Lounge.

I came here for the music, and it took a while till I started to spend time in the forums. While I value a lot of the discussions in other forums, I don't look to TTD as a 'social' outlet precisely because of the behavior of many of The Lounge Lizards. I wouldn't miss them if they were gone, and fortunately there are already other forums where people behave as civil humans.

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