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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
btw, we're just not going to modify ratios based on posting in the lounge, or anywhere else.

The ratio figure is just informational - but if we start jacking around with them, they'll mean nothing at all. They'll remain an accurate picture of what a user uploads and downloads for the foreseeable future.

Hopefully, users / members can keep in mind that the upload / download of data is only one way people can contribute here and the staff takes all that into account when it comes up.

There are a lot of people here with giant upload figures that deserve to wear that like a badge. They are the people that make the site run. None of this shit the 12 of us are talking about in here really amounts to much of anything, but those guys bring the joy of music to tens of thousands of people so we won't be "padding" the ratios of users just for posting in the lounge.

I am going to propose it to you as well James...You have not offered up any solution for anything...Offer something up. It's too easy to give an excuse of why you can't, but I have yet to see one word of what you can...

Problem or Solution...which one are you?

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The DNC sucks.
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There is that unmistakable delicious air of animus wafting throughout the forum this evening
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