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Dana Gillespie
Re: do remasters fit with the site's mission statement?

Originally Posted by theface07 View Post
I need to grow some balls and be a real man because of my desire to defend my work.
Gee, you sure sound egocentric when you put it like that.
re: the quotes that you posted....
but, hey, wait a minute, FACE07... you only posted the things that I said...... are you painting a fair and balanced picture of this conversation??? i mean, a really fair picture???

anyone can check The Who, Munich '72 thread. anyone can see how it happened: i say "you've reduced the bass", then you say "I'm personally offended", then i ask "do you remaster for your ego", then you say "don't get personal!!!!"

but, FACE07, you took it personal way back when it was just a little criticism of the "remaster"...... you need a little more confidence in your work.

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