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Re: Lossy or lossless? Any opinions?

Originally Posted by magoo666 View Post
Hi, wonder if anyone can help determine if this is minidisc or DAT sourced?

it is hard to say (for me, anyway) based on these pics, since the spectreal screenshots only show up to 8kHz which is usually way below the cutoff if there is any cutoff - we need to see everything up to 22.05 kHz (or 24 kHz respectively, and in this frequency analysis I don't see the kHz value. Any chance that you share a short (2 seconds would be enough) flac audio sample instead?
it also depends on the sample rate of the dat. a dat with a 32kHz sample rate will appear lossy (and actually IS lossy, in a way, because 32kHz is substandard now), and i would probably not be able to tell the difference from minidisc or mp3. a dat recording at 48 kHz, however, would be perfectly lossless.
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