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and a few more...i got the bitrate info from the FinalCutProHD & DVDStudioPro3 manuals [i figure they're pretty accurate]:

DVD-Video disc -- shows burned in DVD-Video format can be played in a home DVD player, much like a store-bought DVD. A DVD-Video contains an Audio_TS folder & a Video_TS folder [*see Audio_TS and Video_TS]
DVD data disc -- this is a DVDR disc which was burned in data format for trading losslessly. Use in your computer's dvd drive for trading or making a DVD-Video copy to watch. Most home DVD players won't play DVD data discs. A DVD data disc will usually contain a Video_TS folder, an Audio_TS folder, and any additional info texts/artwork/etc. [possibly in an Extras_TS folder]
Audio_TS folder -- essential for some players to play a DVD, this folder will be empty [designed for DVD-Audio media]
Video_TS folder -- where the DVD files are stored [*.ifo, *.bup, *.vob]
Extras_TS folder -- many times, you might get a DVD show with additional files, such as info texts, artwork, etc... A Extras_TS folder is a good place to store these, as some player can not handle non-"*_TS" files/folders.
Mbps -- megabits per second
kbps -- kilobits per second
Video Bitrates -- generally speaking for DVD: 6 to 9 Mbps is excellent, 4 to 6 Mbps is acceptable, under 4 Mbps is considered low-quality
Audio Bitrates [on DVD] -- general bitrates for "common" audio formats found on DVD: AC3 Stereo [192 to 224 kbps], AC3 5.1 Surround [384 to 448 kbps], PCM .wav Stereo 16bit48kHz [1536 kbps], PCM .wav Stereo 24bit96kHz [4608 kbps], DTS 5.1 Surround [754 to 1509 kbps]
CBR -- Constant Bit Rate [a method of encoding]
VBR -- Variable Bit Rate [a method of encoding]
PRO (Pro-Shot) -- from a professionally shot source [including television, satellite broadcast, etc]
AUD -- an Audience recording. Video shot from the audience, usually on consumer-level gear.
Letterbox -- a method of displaying widescreen [16:9] on a standard TV [4:3]...results in the "black bars" across the top and bottom.
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