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Re: Trader's Little Helper

Originally Posted by teanertiner View Post
I have an interesting question. I have been using TLH for many years, mostly to validate flac files with the fingerprint files. Recently, my FTP client transferred a bunch of torrents from my seedbox and I found them to be corrupted. So I started testing the torrent file against the downloaded files. Some validate perfectly, others have errors with files missing or pieces not matching like this . Some of this can be traced to characterset differences. But the finger prints still verify the files are complete and the audio files test OK. Can someone explain this? Thank you.
Judging from the image that you posted originally (which you can't embed because the link doesn't have a file extension), I believe you're suffering from the 99% problem as explained on this Wiki page from Dime. The torrent verification is looking for an image file, you might have deleted it.
Or, the filename of that particular file has characters that are not recommended to use in file names, the double quotation marks ( " " ). You could for instance try to change the filename, and in e.g. Notepad edit the torrent and checksum file(s) accordingly. I'm actually not sure if this works for the torrent file, never tried but it does work for the md5 checksum file. You could also completely remove that line for the image file.
The .ffp checksum file reported no problems, because it only checks the flac files.
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