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Re: DIME status?

Yes, it is down again!
127980Re: [bt-dimeadozen-org] Error: The requested URL could not be retrieved
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From: "Todd Clark tuck0411@... [bt-dimeadozen-org]" <>
Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2014 8:54 PM
Subject: [bt-dimeadozen-org] Error: The requested URL could not be retrieved

As of this evening, I'm getting the error in the subject line when trying to access Dime via any link, even when just searching for "dimeadozen" via Google, then clicking to it from the results. This is happening in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Fire Fox. Anyone else seeing this and do we know why this is happening? Has my ISP finally had enough of my downloading antics and put a stop to it?

The rest of the text on the error page:

While trying to retrieve the URL:
The following error was encountered:
Unable to forward this request at this time.
This request could not be forwarded to the origin server or to any parent caches. The most likely cause for this error is that:
The cache administrator does not allow this cache to make direct connections to origin servers, and
All configured parent caches are currently unreachable.
Your cache administrator is webmaster@....
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