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Re: An urgent message about digital noise reduction

I saw an older post that mentioned clipping. I had a project just yesterday where the audio values on the source tape were already clipped. I corrected the loudness through a mixer, and then further removed the clipping artifacts with filters in SoundForge. Those presets are also included in the filters download mentioned in the last post. I slightly tweaked the values for my own needs, I didn't use the preset exactly. Learning how to build your own filters, or tweak others, is really the key to doing good work.

There's a similar recent discussion on fixing clipping at this audio/video filtering forum, too, with examples. That person had some kind of tape that was captured too loudly, and the levels were terrible, with crackling audio.

Audio compression also adds noise, especially as you crunch down the bitrates. It varies from format to format. So don't compress restored audio too much, or you'll just end up adding new problems.

Just wanted to add my input to this good conversation.
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