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Re: mp3/lossless question for audiophiles...

Originally Posted by Forgot View Post
Can anyone actually HEAR any quality difference between a shn original file and high bitrate mp3 convert?

i don't mean "loss of data within human hearing range"... i know data are lost... what i'm asking is whether the lost IN QUALITY is perceivable....

i just converted a bunch of shn files to mp3, and on my 5 bucks speaker, i can just barely hear enough difference to know that they're not the same, but that's only if i put the speaker right on my ear and play it with very low volume...

if i have to say,short of living in a sound proof chamber, the humming from an average computer probably spoils the sound more than than the conversion from shn to mp3... either that or i happen to be deaf in those frequencies lost during the conversion.
YES you/I can the highest mp3 can only get fairly close to a AIFF/FLAC... (don't get me started on .wav) generally it's a loss of the "weight" in the low end, and nerfing the highs, not to mention loss of imaging/soundstaging (ie spatial placement of instruments, and the "air" inbetween.... now if only the world would STOP using PCM encoding... DSD ftw
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