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Re: Seeding/Lineage Questions?

Originally Posted by Five
I would seed the amplified version just be positive that no errors such as clipping have been introduced. If there's a huge "clunk" at the end of the recording introduced by stopping the recorder then imo it might be better to lop that off especially if it's 20 times louder than the show. The main things to stay away from are eq, nr and the like. Once this transfer which is (?99%) raw has circulated and in safe hands then you might want to consider releasing a mastered version to the masses.
Yes, there will be a certain amount of chopping away unwanted bits of 'tape' anyway. The problem I have found is that the audience applauce registers quite loudly - louder than the music. So, the amplifying has been done on a sort of track-by-track basis and isn't very smooth. Also, amplifying the sound has increased the level of audible hiss (I think).
As I am relatively new to all this I didn't know if it mattered whether what I released was the closest I could get to what I recorded - or whether it is alright to do some minor work to 'improve' the recording.
As I said, the main worry is that the amplifying process in my hands is a crude one.
I do not intend to remaster the show - I'm just trying to bring it to a state that I find makes it easier for me to listen to it. I have to admit, I would prefer not to do anything - but the recording is too quiet for that.
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