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Re: Seeding/Lineage Questions?

I'm wanting to seed the following Porcupine Tree show here (well, external link actually):

2001-04-28 Centro Sociale Leoncavallo; Milano, Italy


I'm not quite certain if the CDR>CDR part was a typo or not. I haven't seen this show on too many lists, but the few instances I've seen it show up on someone else's list showed the exact same thing for lineage. It seems like a lot of Porcupine Tree live recordings are plagued by a lack of lineage or less than perfect lineage.

I'm listening through this show right now, and I can assure you it's top notch. Haven't run across any glitches yet, and it passed the SBE check in shntool (and yes, I did generate shntool md5s for it ).
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