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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

Originally Posted by Audioarchivist View Post
How come some torrent sites need money to live while others never even mention a need for cash? Rich benefactors that sponsor some sites privately? Someone has an "in" with someone that owns a server? Someone's got t-shirt money? What? I don't get it...

sometimes people are a bunch of broke asses, i guess.

TTD costs $150/mo to run + probably 100 or so man-hours of staff work. Of course, that can vary. We've been around nearly 9 years and usually manage to run a bit of a surplus each year which can be spent on things like oh-shit support issues, server moves, ram, etc, without having to post giant MS-Word messages in place of the homepage.

Just a guess, but I thnik Hunger City should be able to to be run a bit cheaper than TTD.

Also, some sites are just run by flaky motherfuckers. In our case, we have Lynne, who is about as solid as it gets. For the 'oh fuck' problems, we have Wolf. Also, very solid.
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